Okay, I’m the first to admit my overall laziness and ADD has prevented me from keeping y’all up to date on the various comings and goings of bRb.  Suffice to say, it has been an interesting year for all the members of the band.  We’ve played a lot of gigs in the last 12 months and met some amazing musicians along the way.  We added a great keyboard player to the band, Derek “The Kid” Hand, this past October who proved he could walk onto a stage with no rehearsals and kill it (with everyone’s ridiculously busy schedules, we are not known for a lot of rehearsing!).

Most every member of the band pursued musical projects outside of the band because, well, we all just want to play music all the time!

Brian joined the acoustic Americana band Motown Mountain Boys which features a great line-up of musicians from the Laguna Beach area.  Bam Bam continued his passion to bang the drums loudly with his hard rock/metal band, Swirl.  Kelli-Rae continued to pursue her love of country music with her band, Westward Bound.  And Jessica continued her passion to tour the world with multiple bands.

We have some new material written and are excited to get back into the studio.  Keep an eye out for upcoming gigs and come on out and support the band!

The band is gearing up for a road trip out to Parker, AZ to play at The Desert Bar. Playing 1pm to 5pm is a lot different than our typical 45 minute sets so we have a lot of new music to learn. We’re looking forward to taking on some new covers and putting the bRb spin on them to make them ours! We’re ready to have fun with it.

We just added a new show at The House of Blues in November so keep checking back at the “shows” page for future dates.

The Band had a great show at the House of Blues on Sunset. We appreciate all of you that made the trip to come see it.

Tuesday we took a trip to Dallas, TX. First stop was The Tedeschi Trucks Band with BB King. Talk about inspiring! We took some of that energy into our acoustic performance at The Mazda Music Lounge the next day. Walking in and seeing the pictures of artists like Colbie Caillat, Foster the People and Gavin DeGraw made us want to step up our game. We should have video to post of the three songs we did including our newest song “Hear Me” which was a crowd favorite. Stay tuned for more shows coming up and thanks so much for visiting the site.


The band welcomed back Shawn Atkins from his travels abroad for our show at The Viper Room. In the words of Bam Bam “It felt like home”. The chemistry is the best part of playing in a band and this band has a ton of it! House of Blues is next and though we will be missing Shawn or Kirk we anticipate just as much magic to come across. If you don’t have your tickets yet go to the “Shows” page and order them today. There are more shows added all the time so stay tuned.

We’ve been playing some amazing venues lately! In August The Brian Rogers Band is taking over the Sunset Strip. This week (August 8th) it’s the world famous Whiskey A GoGo. To play on the same stage as greats like The Doors and Van Halen is always an honor. August 20th it’s on to Johnny Depp’s bar The Viper Room. For those of you that have those crazy things called 9-5 jobs put on your calender our newest show: Saturday August 25th in The Foundation Room @ The House of Blues! Get your tickets fast. Click on “Shows” for a link to get your tickets online and as always we appreciate you coming to check out the site.

~The BRB